"This club is leading the province to show rugby at its highest level and proving that we can form excellent friendships from this great game."
-Elliott Kayser (Club President)

When: Saturday February 15 @ 11am
Where: Celtic Corner in Dartmouth
Why: Because you love your club and want to help improve it

After extremely successful tenures on the Executive Council some members have decided to take a step back and we have specific positions that need to be filled. However, anyone is welcome to apply for any council position. Should you wish to apply for any position send an email to mailto:halifaxtars@gmail.com.

Executive Council Positions:

Club President
Club Vice President
Men fixtures
Female fixtures
Member at Large
Junior Development

We are changing the role of member at large slightly this season. In the past Member at large has been solely one individual who acts as a utility council member aiding in any area necessary. While this will remain the overall role of this position, the council meetings are now going to be open to anyone who wishes to contribute to the future success of the club. While the member at large voted into the council will be able to retain voting rights on club matters, all additional members who wish to attend meetings will have a voice however won’t have an official vote.

2020 Executive Council

Club President

Elliott Kayser

Vice President

Mary Giles


Colin Wicks

Mens Fixtures

David Jackson

Womens Fixtures

Mandy Wells

Member at Large

Alexa Maclean


David Sinclair


Daniel Sinclair