Senior Player Membership

The registration for the Men’s and Women’s 2022 season is now open! 
Every rugby player in Nova Scotia needs to be registered electronically with the Rugby Canada Sportlomo Online Registration System.

Please visit https://reg.sportlomo.com/rugbycanada to register!

Get registered in three simple steps:

1. Choose Nova Scotia Rugby
2. Choose Halifax Tars
3. Complete your registration

If you have any questions pertaining to our programs contact us below.

Mini and Youth Membership

We are offering minis programming to players aged 2 – 12, including an introduction to contact program for players 12 – 15 years old.

If anyone has any issues with registering or questions about the program, please contact at Tars.Mini.Rugby@gmail.com.

Social Membership (Coming Soon)

“Once a Tar always a Tar”

Social Members will play a huge part in continuing the legacy of our club. You may not be able to put on your jersey and boots anymore and get out on the field but you can help support our clubs junior and senior programs as well the upkeep of our equipment.

Social Membership is coming and when it does we ask all Tars to show their support and help our Club to grow.1.

$340 / Year

$285 / Year

High School
$185 / Year

(Fees Inlcude Club Dues, Rugby NS and Canada Registration/Insurance)

Please visit:
to register!