Men's Division II

April 10, 2020, 12:00 am
1st Half 2nd Half Final

Halifax Tars RFC


Riverlake RFC



  1. Ethan MacLean
  2. Max Hayden
  3. Roro MacLellan
  4. Matt D Jesave
  5. Keith Graham
  6. Mike Triggs
  7. Ethan Mccarthy
  8. Jordan Brown
  9. Chris Clements
  10. Chadrick Wicks
  11. Will Howard
  12. Colin VVicks
  13. Jeremy Archibald (Captain)
  14. Adam Hill
  15. James Resyak
  16. Bebop Ziebarth
  17. Vaughn William
  18. David Andrew Sinclair
  19. John Gillis
  20. Nigel Bannister
  21. Nate Jeff
  22. Jacob Hills

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