Ground work and Covid prices drove up our costs and we need your help!

We have partnered with Rugby Canada to receive donations and offer tax receipts!

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Ground work and Covid prices have driven our costs up over $600K We need your help!

We have partnered with Rugby Canada to receive donations and offer tax receipts!

For donation amounts over $1000, please contact us!

My Rugby Stories

Building Rugby From the Ground Up

Rugby is a growing sport in Nova Scotia with over 2000 registered players at the mini, high school, university, and club levels. Male and female players strive to play for NS and make the big jump to professional rugby and Canadian National Teams. Until recently, very few players from the East Coast, Nova Scotia included, made the jump. There are many reasons for this, but the lack of a suitable, well equipped, safe, and accessible place to train and play has been a big factor. One of the biggest reasons for this has been the lack of a suitable, well equipped, safe, and accessible place to train and play.
Nova Scotia’s capital of Halifax is home to 500,000 people, and has the largest concentration of Nova Scotia’s rugby clubs. Despite this, no rugby fields in Halifax have any washrooms, changing rooms, or gathering facilities. This has been a major obstacle to recruiting athletes to the game and holding successful games and tournaments. Athletes of all ages and genders, shapes, and sizes, have become used to changing in the car, the woods, or on the sideline. In 2021, this is no longer acceptable.
For years now, the dream has been to build a club house facility that would help move the game forward. For the last 4 years, The Halifax TARS Rugby Club, with support from Rugby Nova Scotia, Rugby Canada, and their fellow local clubs, have fought hard for funding to make this happen. In September of 2020, the dream came closer to reality, as representatives from the city, Provincial, and Federal Governments announced $1.05 million of funding for the Graves Oakley Clubhouse, a 5000 square foot, two level, fully accessible facility with 4 changing rooms, public washrooms, a banquet/dining hall, and a wraparound deck viewing area. The TARS and the broader rugby community were thrilled at this announcement and the process of moving forward with design and tendering moved into high gear.
This facility will help to engage the local community by adding a much-needed social center and function room that would be available for fundraising events and celebrations, as well as offering residents somewhere to congregate in their neighborhood. In addition, the facility would encourage all sections of society to come together and join in with regular sporting activity within a safe inclusive building and environment.

Clubhouse News/Updates

Why do we need your help?

Enter Covid 19 and Shaky Ground….. We are $600,000 short of funds!

The above mentioned $1.05 million was very close to what we thought we needed to fully complete the project when first budgeted in early 2020. However, problems with the soil and a COVID-19 building boom have not been our friends. We must literally start our build from the ground up, digging or drilling down 20 feet to the bedrock, which will cost up to $200,000 more. Demand for materials has also driven prices way up, raising our building costs another $400,000.

We have an aggressive plan to ask for further Government assistance and to work with the corporate world. Unfortunately, this likely won’t be enough. We are asking the broader rugby community, our national and international family, to consider donating to our final push. We will not wait any longer, and we are getting started in May 2021, but need your help to put the funds in place to finish the job.

How can you help?

We are asking the Rugby Community to join with us and help with whatever dollar amount you are able to contribute.   We have partnered with Rugby Canada who will receive and process all donations, and offer tax receipts for donations $50 and over.   This means that a donation will cost just over half of what you donate, with the rest coming directly off the amount of tax you owe. 

For donors who are able to donate $1000 or more, we have 4 special categories of membership: our Founder’s, President’s, Platinum, and Gold Clubs.   Details and benefits are listed below.  

For donations up to $1000, click the donation link on this page, which will take you to the Rugby Canada Store to make your donation via credit card.  A tax receipt will automatically be sent to you at a later date.   For donations above $1000, we ask that you contact us ( or to arrange payment by check or e-transfer to keep fees down.  

Please reach out if you have any questions, and we thank you in advance for your support, and look forward to hosting you at our beautiful new facility in beautiful Halifax, NS.  

Founders' Club

$ 2500
Lifetime social membership
Complimentary yearly Founder’s social luncheon/dinner for member and a guest
Prime personalized recognition on the wall of the club
Monogrammed Mug/tankard to rest at the bar
Invitation to take part in the yearly team photo
Founders’ club presentation jersey
Free facility rental every year for an event

President's Club

$ 100
10 year social membership
Recognition plaque on the wall of the club
Monogrammed Mug/tankard at the bar
Receive a yearly team photo
2 free facility rentals for an event

Platinum Club

$ 250
5 year social membership
Large tile on wall of the Club
1 free facility rental

Gold Club

$ 100
3 year social membership
Tile on the wall of the club

To make a tax deductible donation, please click below for Rugby Canada Fundraiser!

For donation amounts over $1000, please contact us!

Why should I support rugby and how is it unique?

Rugby is a sport for everyone. Rugby represents our community. It welcomes and encompasses every demographic and every type of person. It is the most inclusive sport. In our club we have members from ages 3 to 70. We begin teaching kids as soon as they can hold a ball, and people remain in the rugby family for life. Rugby has a culture where you play hard, but you also support your teammates and celebrate with the other team. No other sport promotes togetherness and working together in this way. Rugby has a place for all shapes and sizes. You can be fast and skinny, or big and slower, and there is a position on the field for you. If you want to join a rugby club, you will be included, regardless of ability, and helped to improve and enjoy the game. Rugby is one of the only sports where men and women participate equally and train together in a single club environment. This gender balance and support is a key hallmark of our sport and has seen a huge surge in the number of women joining the sports. Young women can aspire to scholarships at top universities like St. F.X. and Acadia and go on to win National CIS Championships as many of our members, like of Vice President Mary Giles, have done. Rugby encourages racial diversity and we for many years have been fortunate to have members from all backgrounds and ethnicities and maintaining and expanding this diversity continues to be a key focus of our growth. Rugby is also particularly inclusive of players with disabilities. We have been blessed for years by the presence of Lindsay (Hilton) Melanson, an athlete born with underdeveloped arms and legs who played for many years and went on to win a World Rugby Spirit Award for her amazing commitment and abilities.  

We proudly watch Halifax raised Egyptian-Canadian TARS bred player Moe Abdelmonem play professionally for the Austin Gilgronis of Major League Rugby, former player Kyle Baillie as he captains the NOLA Gold also of Major League Rugby, and waiting Olympian, TAR bred, and Halifax native Cooper Coats of the National Men’s 7 a side Rugby Team.    Halifax and Graves-Oakley have also become a hub for our National Women’s team, led by Irish native and Halifax Resident Jack Hanratty and featuring Team Captain Olivia DeMerchant of Fredericton, Halifax native Emma Taylor who plays for a friendly rival club, Alysha Corrigan of Charlottetown PEI, and other athletes from across Canada. 

The community of Spryfield itself is underserviced and very low on infrastructure in the sporting and general sense.   As noted, this facility will directly complement other sports including soccer, softball, ultimate frisbee, and cross-country skiing almost immediately.   We see this facility as being the first step in developing the multi field space at Graves Oakley so that other sports might benefit and events and tournaments may occur, benefitting the local economy.   The facility will also serve as a new and well-appointed gathering place for local community groups and residents to enjoy their community, collaborate, and hold events and fundraisers.  

Supporting Rugby, and our Club House build, means supporting people from all different backgrounds in our sport, as well as the benefits to the broader sport community and the community of Spryfield.   We will host events, big and small, and continue to develop diverse people who aspire to just have fun and be fit, or reach the National Team and the Olympics.

Our team

Supporting Rugby, and our Club House build, means supporting people from all different backgrounds in our sport, as well as the benefits to the broader sport community and the community of Spryfield.

Thanks for your consideration, and should you have any questions and/or wish to move forward with us, please contact:


Dr. John Gillis


Tars RFC

T: +1 902 488 5445

Mr. Elliott Kayser


Tars RFC

T: +1 902 266 4100


MS. Mary Giles

Club Vice President

Tars RFC

T: +1 902 499 9277


Mr. Daniel Sinclair

Media Coordinator

Tars RFC

T: +1 902 999 4393


Ms. Jade Borden-Lee

Clubhouse Community Liaison

Tars RFC

T: +1 902 210 5233